"The artist Julia is a wonderful, talented professional. I've gotten three tattoos from Julia now and couldn't be happier with them. She really pays attention to detail, and makes sure everyone involved is on the same page. I can't recommend her enough." 

-Kaitlyn M

"Julia was incredible! They are so sweet, and always wanted to make sure I was comfy! And the tattoo!! Omg, *Chefs kiss* 10/10 highly recommend!"

-Shelby R

"Julia is incredible! Not only are they kind, personable, and so much fun to talk to, but they're SO CREATIVE AND TALENTED. Their work on my body is pretty watercolor-esque, and although that's not the type of art they typically advertise, the ability to blend colors and think outside the box with splatters and their creative vision is so inspiring! its making me want to get all my art "upgraded" by Julia. It's really rare, from what I can tell, when an artist is willing to go over work done by another studio. Julia is open to everything and always makes my ideas feel like they're good ones, and can be made into a masterpiece on my body."

-Kieran S