• Julia Lynn

The Philosophy Of My Art

As far back as I can remember, I’ve felt this deep urge to create. To put a pen or paint brush to paper, a tool to clay, a needle through fabric, anything at all I could do to make something.

I’ve never really had the skill of patience however, and I feel that is highlighted by my art on occasion. I end up rushing through a lot of projects I make. Standing back when they are completed only to realize it could have been much better had I taken my time.

I have also found it incredibility difficult to just stick with one or two mediums. I love the thrill of trying something new. Albeit my impatience does get the better of me and the first result of a new project almost always turns out not as good as the others. But that’s life isnt it? To live and learn; try and fail.

But it’s only failure of you leave it there and never try again.

It’s my belief that anyone can be an artist if they try. No one is born with a paintbrush or guitar in their hands. You set your own destiny and make your own path. Try something new every day, grow with the trees and love whatever you create.

Life isn’t perfect and neither are you.

Much love,

Julia Lynn.

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