• Julia Lynn

Inspiration through Tragedy.

All my life all I’ve ever really known was terrible heartache. It should go without saying that while yes, I have had fun and experienced happiness at some point in my life, like all other emotions it is unfortunately fleeting. And when that moment of joy passes I tumble yet again into the claws of depression. I think everyone has experienced depression in some form or another. Yet, this feeling for me is one of my top inspirations. Right along side love and joy. And I have to ask, why? This ache in my chest seems to be all I know, or am confident in feeling at this point. I’ve felt it for so long that its become ingrained in my soul. A deep melancholy and general distain for existence. All I know is art. And how to manifest my emotions on paper or clay. Anything other than that is incomprehensible to myself. All I want to to at this point is make art and raise my beautiful daughter to grow to feel anything other than what I feel. I have hope that she can be better than I am. I hope that someday her art will bring me as much joy as she has.

Look within,

Love, Julia Lynn

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